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Québec Gaming Supplier Regulatory Overview


The province of Québec has four casinos, which are owned and operated by the Loto Québec. The Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux is the regulatory body for Québec’s four casinos as well as for alcohol, horse racing, and combat sports.

According to Loto Québec, “[t]he numerous projects Loto-Québec and its subsidiaries carry out have made the Corporation one of the province's largest purchasers of goods and services, generating economic spin-offs that greatly benefit Québec-based businesses. During fiscal 2010 2011, the Corporation acquired goods and services worth a total of $310.9 million from companies conducting business in Québec.”

The Loto Québec, from time to time, will issue “calls for tender” when certain supplies and services are needed by the province’s four casinos. Specific information regarding calls for tender can be found on the Loto Québec’s website at:

Registration with Lotto-Québec

To conduct business with the Loto Québec, a general Supplier File Registration Form is required that must include the following information:

1. Company name;
2. Address;
3. Telephone number;
4. Description of business;
5. Required numbers;
6. For an individual, social issuance number;
7. For a corporation/partnership, Québec business number or Ministère du Revenu du Québec identification number;
8. Tax-exempt status for corporations or partnerships;
9. Public organization status;
10. Sales of the last fiscal year;
11. Number of permanent employees;
12. Net worth – capital stock;
13. Nature of the business; and
14. Place of origin of capital.

Application Process

As outlined above, interested applicants should review the Loto Québec’s website to obtain information related to offers for tender or goods/services requested. Once a vendor opportunity arises through a bidding process, an interested applicant should complete the Supplier File Registration Form and contact Loto Québec regarding any additional steps necessary that may be unique to the goods or services requested.

Applicants should be aware that Loto Québec may request additional information from the applicant upon receipt of the Supplier File Registration Form and review of the applicant’s initial information. Additional information requested will depend on the business of the applicant and the unique aspects of the particular requisition. As such, applicants may be subject to additional background checks and investigations upon further review by Loto Québec.

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