Manitoba at a Glance
Gaming License: Yes
Non-Gaming License: No
Vendor License Exemptions Available: Yes
Temporary License: Yes
Ownership Disclosure Threshold: 5%
Institutional Investor Waiver: Yes
Fees: C$150 - C$5,000
State Gaming Lab: Public
Term of License: Up to 5 Years
Deadline to Reapply: Prior to Expiration
Political Contribution Restrictions: No
Manitoba Regulatory Overviews

Manitoba Gaming Supplier Regulatory Overview


Commercial and charitable gaming activities are regulated by the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (“Commission”) in Manitoba, Canada. The Commission is responsible for registering all suppliers of gaming equipment to licensed operators in the province.

Gaming Supplier Registration

Gaming suppliers must be registered by the Commission and are defined as those entities that make, sell, advertise, or distribute gaming supplies. “Gaming supplies” is defined as “supplies equipment and devices designed to be used in gaming activity, and other equipment or supplies defined as such by the Commission.”1 Furthermore, the Commission has created classifications for gaming supplies that include: video lottery terminals, gaming devices, gaming paper and products, security and surveillance systems, gaming equipment, and ticket sales and verification devices.2


Fees are determined by whether the applicant supplies gaming services or supplies. In addition, the Commission will consider the types of services or supplies when determining the application fee. Fees range from $150 (CAD) to $5,000 (CAD).

Also, applicants will be required to pay the cost of any investigation that occurs during the review of the application.


The Commission may issue a registration for a period of up to five years.3

Required Information and Documents

The following information is needed to complete the Gaming Supplier application forms:

1. Basic identification information;
2. Brief description of the business;
3. The entity/entities with which the applicant will conduct business;
4. Description of goods or supplies to be supplied to licensed operators;
5. Type of business structure;
6. Past addresses, past five years;
7. Criminal history;
8. Civil proceedings history;
9. Bankruptcy history;
10. List of all jurisdictions where applicant has applied for a license to conduct business of any type;
11. List of all gaming licenses refused, suspended, or revoked in any jurisdiction; and
12. List of key persons.4

The following documents are needed to complete the Gaming Supplier application forms:

1. Registration of business name;
2. Registration to conduct business in Manitoba;
3. Partnership agreement or registration;
4. Trust agreement;
5. Shareholders agreements;
6. Articles of incorporation;
7. Charter or By-Laws;
8. Any periodic updates or amending agreements;
9. Organizational chart;
10. Financial statements, past three years;
11. Annual reports, past three years;
12. List of financial institutions where the applicant has maintained a business account, past five years;
13. List of all entities or individuals holding a 5 percent or more interest in the applicant;
14. List of all key persons;
15. List of all entities or individuals who have received a loan from the applicant; and
16. Copies of all gaming licenses held in any jurisdiction.5

Personal Disclosure Forms

Personal Disclosure Forms must be completed by all key persons associated with the applicant. Key persons include officers, directors, partners, shareholders holding over 5 percent interest in the applicant, executive employees who exercise control over the operations of the applicant, and persons having the ability to enter into contracts or formulate management policy for the applicant.6


There is no direct fee associated with a Personal Disclosure Form. However, the applicant company with which the key person is associated will be responsible for all investigative costs.

Required Information and Documents

The following information is needed to complete the personal disclosure portion of the gaming supplier application:

1. Basic identification and physical description information;
2. Citizenship information;
3. Residence history, past 15 years;
4. Marital status and history;
5. Spouse’s identification information and occupation;
6. List of children and child support obligations;
7. List of parents, parents-in-law, former parents-in-law, or legal guardians;
8. List of all siblings;
9. Military service history;
10. Educational history;
11. List of all offices and other positions held;
12. Employment history, past 20 years;
13. Spouse’s employment history, past one year;
14. Spouse’s offices and positions held, past one year;
15. List of all professional licenses held;
16. Spouse’s professional licenses held;
17. Ownership interests over 5 percent in any business or other entity;
18. List of gaming licenses held;
19. List of all financial interests in gaming companies;
20. List of family members who have worked in the gaming industry;
21. Civil, criminal, and investigative hearing history;
22. Vehicle operator data;
23. Financial and assets information and history; and
24. Net worth statement.

The following documents are needed to complete the personal disclosure portion of the gaming supplier application:

1. Photo, taken within past six months.

Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

Once licensed, each entity and key person is responsible for reporting certain events to the Commission. These include: changes in ownership, any change in name, and any criminal, civil, or regulatory actions.7 It should be noted that any planned changes in ownership should be reported to the Commission no less than 10 days prior to the planned effective date of the change.8

Gaming Technology Standards

All gaming devices must be registered with the Commission.9 The Commission maintains a list of its classification of various gaming and non-gaming equipment, including whether the equipment must receive any technical integrity approval, at its website:
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