What is a “gaming lab”?

Q: What is a "gaming lab"?

A: Each jurisdiction has its own rules and process for ensuring that the games offered for play in a casino are fair to the players with understandable rules that meet established protocols. The term “Gaming Lab” refers to the agency or Third Party Company that is retained to review the fairness of the games that are offered for play at a casino. The Gaming Labs often have template documents that need to be supplied to them for review along with a sample of the slot machine or table game involved.

Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) and BMM are two of the most widely used testing laboratories both in the United States and internationally. Certain jurisdictions have a jurisdictional specific gaming lab. A company seeking to submit a product for testing may first need to file a supplier license application in the host jurisdiction where it seeks to do business. Once a conditional waiver or temporary license is received, the company can then typically move forward with the gaming lab's testing process.

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