Do I need to provide updates or do anything after I receive a supplier’s license?

Q: Do I need to do anything after I receive a supplier's license? Are there regular updates that I need to provide?

A: After you receive a supplier's license, you will need to provide updates to the issuing gaming regulatory agency if there are any material changes to the information that you supplied as part of the licensing application. The specifics of what is deemed "material" may depend on the jurisdiction, but it is a good idea to inform the gaming commission in writing of any significant changes in information. This may include address changes, the addition/loss of a key qualifier, ownership changes over 1% of the total ownership interest in the company, changes in the specific goods/services provided to the casino client, changes in corporate structure or the company's governing documents, the issuance of press releases, and a variety of other events. It is important to note the timeframe for submitting a notice of change, as many jurisdictions require notification to be received by the gaming agency within a few days of the change occurring.

The jurisdiction list provided on this website includes standard notification requirements for various gaming jurisdictions. However, the lists are not exhaustive, and you should check with the gaming regulators if there is any change that may trigger a notification requirement.

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