Are special steps required to provide warranty services on products on a casino gaming floor?

Q: If I am going to provide ongoing warranty services on products on a casino gaming floor, are any special steps required?

A: Yes. Each casino and jurisdiction has its own prescribed processes for a casino service supplier accessing the casino floor. The processes are often different for a company that is accessing a non-secure area of the casino as compared with accessing a secure area of the casino (cage, casino floor, surveillance room). Certain jurisdictions, like Pennsylvania, require an employee that is accessing the casino to have a “gaming employee” registration. This requires the person to be accompanied by an authorized company employee that is permitted to work with the casino. In addition, the individual must also complete an investigation process that involves fingerprinting. Certain other casino jurisdictions permit the casino licensees to monitor who accesses the casino and to develop a process for indexing access to the casino or systems. The first step in the process should be establishing a dialogue with the casino compliance department to ensure that the proper compliance steps are taken.

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