Betting and Gaming Council News

21 Dec 2020
The CEO of the Betting and Gaming Council supports the government's decision on more restrictions for casinos in Britain to fight the spread of COVID-19.
14 Dec 2020
Around 400 shops, half of Scotland's total, have been given the approval to reopen after being moved to Level 3.
23 Nov 2020
Under the new arrangements, they will be allowed to stay open with some restrictions in place, including limits on customers, the removal of chairs and a ban on live sport being shown.
2 Nov 2020
The Betting and Gaming Council has called on the government to take a “science-led approach” and allow casinos and betting shops to safely reopen when the latest England-wide COVID lockdown ends.
20 Oct 2020
The Government has been accused of behaving in an “ill-informed and arbitrary” way over the decision to order the closure of betting shops and casinos despite a lack of evidence that they contribute to the spread of COVID-19.
16 Oct 2020
The move comes after the Government placed the region in Tier 3 of its COVID-19 restrictions, meaning it faces the most severe lockdown measures.
9 Oct 2020
Casinos have offered to stop selling alcohol in order to avoid catastrophic closures which could lead to thousands of job losses.
29 Sep 2020
Measures include the slowing down of spin speeds, banning several gaming features which have caused concern and improved access to safer gambling information.
2 Sep 2020
New measures aimed at further preventing under-18s from seeing gambling adverts online have been unveiled by the Betting and Gaming Council.
21 Aug 2020
New safety measures at the properties include Perspex screens, hand sanitisation stations, sophisticated track and trace regimes and strict social distancing guidelines.
21 Aug 2020
For Nevada, several resorts are fit to reopen, but some may not be able to come back from the losses that the COVID-19 closure had on them.
13 Aug 2020
Casinos had originally expected to open on 1 August but a last minute change by the U.K. Government scuppered their plans and cost them millions of pounds in set up costs.
17 Jul 2020
Following the U.K. government’s decision to give the green light to casinos to resume operations, the Betting and Gaming Council urges Scottish and Welsh governments to follow suit.
15 Jun 2020
The Betting and Gaming Council’s five largest members have confirmed that they will spend £100 million improving treatment services for problem gamblers.
1 May 2020
The U.K. Betting and Gaming Council has announced that their members have decided to stop all television and radio gambling advertising beginning next week.
28 Apr 2020
The U.K.’s largest betting and gaming operators in the regulated sector are set to voluntarily remove all TV and radio gaming advertising during the COVID-19 lock-down.