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Swiss Esports Federation (SESF)

The Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) is an association whose primary mission is to promote esports in all regions of Switzerland. It gathers all kinds of esports industry and community stakeholders into a single network. Its goal is to promote esports as a casual and professional competitive sporting activity. This involves answering the needs of the community by providing services, infrastructure and organizational tools that support the growth of a sustainable and healthy esports ecosystem. The SESF not only represents the interests of the members affiliated to the federation but of the Swiss esports community as a whole, towards the general public, especially towards the media and institutions.

c/o MYI Entertainment GmbH
Postgasse 15-21
3011 CH Bern, Bern


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Jon Baumann
Gabriel Ratano
Vice President
Yann Beaud
Patrick Gobonya
Luca Hartmann
Nina Zweifel
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