Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association News

14 Jun 2022
Research conducted by Leger for the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association revealed significant growth in both legal sports wagering and fantasy sports participation over the last year.
4 Oct 2018
With PrizePicks, fantasy sports fans no longer have to play in competitions against peers with superior knowledge and resources. Instead, they can test their prediction skills in a fixed odds format.
19 Oct 2016
Though hearings held by the House Oversight Gaming Committee on 18-19 October were overwhelmingly positive, the fate of HB 2150 in the hands of the Senate isn't clear.
12 May 2016
The hearing served to bring attention to the disparate treatment of DFS and sports betting and to educate Congress on the current state of the DFS industry.
31 Mar 2016
Gov. Mike Pence signed S 339 into law on March 24, making Indiana the second U.S. state to enact DFS regulations.
29 Oct 2015
The Fantasy Sports Trade Association will form the Fantasy Sports Control Agency, an independent regulatory agency, with Seth D. Harris at the helm.
29 Oct 2015
The Fantasy Sports Control agency, formed by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and chaired by a former Secretary of Labor, will create an independent self-regulation system for the industry.
20 Oct 2015
While DraftKings has said it would abide by Nevada's ruling and advised Nevada customers that their accounts would be locked, many Nevada players were still able to participate in the company's contests.
16 Sep 2015
The amended version of AB 1437, now titled the Fantasy Sports Game Protection Act, would require DFS sites to be licensed and regulated in the state.
13 Jul 2015
Fantasy sports is a largely unregulated but lucrative sector of the gaming market, and the legal definitions of sports wagering are murky.