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Committee for Securing Gaming Integrity (CSGI)

The CSGI exists to help develop regulations and standards within the gaming industry, with a focus on integrity and fairness. By providing a forum for discussion and dialogue, the group is able to facilitate continued development and improvement of gaming protocols and standards across different jurisdictions.

500 Airport Road Southeast
Salem, Oregon 97301-5068
United States

Main Phone:
(503) 540-1000


Craig Durbin
Robert Stocker
Committee Member
Matthew Katz
Chief Executive Officer
Luke Orchard
Senior Vice President of Compliance and Risk Management Officer
Simone Harrison
Senior Vice President
Peter Nikiper
Director of Technical Compliance
Andrew White
Vice President of Operations
Faisal H. Khan
Technical Compliance Manager
Stephen Lefler
Director and Deputy Registrar
Larry Levasseur
Director of Corporate Security