European Gaming & Betting Association News

17 Jun 2021
The absence of the Expert Group means that, unlike any other consumer market, there is currently no formal framework for regulatory cooperation at EU-level.
15 Jun 2021
Italian authorities should notify to the European Commission a new draft law proposing to reduce the number of online gambling licensees in the country by two thirds.
1 Jun 2021
EGBA believes the proposed tax breaches EU state aid rules because it would apply only to online operators and lead to online poker and slots stakes in Germany being taxed at rates 4 to 5 times higher than land-based gambling establishments.
4 May 2021
The European Gaming and Betting Association warned that a proposal by the German Bundesrat to introduce a 5.3% tax on online poker and slots stakes would undermine the key objective of the country’s new online gambling regulations.
28 Jan 2021
The European Gaming and Betting Association warns that the post-Brexit agreement for online gambling companies does not resolve many of the direct consequences of the UK’s exit from the EU.
21 Dec 2020
Europe’s total gambling revenue will drop 23% this year - from €98.6 billion gross gaming revenue in 2019 to €75.9 billion in 2020 – as the gambling sector feels the impact of COVID-19.
16 Dec 2020
The European Commission's proposal for a Digital Service Act introduces rules for regulating large digital platforms and ensuring that markets impacted by digital gatekeepers remain fair and competitive.
14 Dec 2020
A new report proposes further restrictions and limitations for Sweden’s licensed online gambling companies, including a new customer risk classification and additional marketing restrictions.
29 Oct 2020
Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs is shortly expected to introduce new restrictions on gambling advertising, leading to a near complete ban on advertising.
14 Oct 2020
Online gambling associations have renewed their commitment to safer gambling and responsible advertising by outlining essential measures which gambling companies should rigorously apply to protect their customers.
25 Sep 2020
A new European Commission report has found that an industry-led memorandum of understanding on online advertising and intellectual property rights has led to a significant reduction in the unintentional placement of advertising.
24 Jun 2020
Speel Verantwoord has today officially endorsed EGBA’s new pan-European code of conduct on data protection for the online gambling sector.
8 Jun 2020
DOGA is the third national gambling association to publicly endorse EGBA’s advertising code and it will now promote the code to its members and encourage other gambling companies in Denmark to sign up to it.
30 Apr 2020
The code applies to all media platforms and introduces essential standards for advertising content and dedicated measures for social media, particularly focusing on protection of minors.
28 Apr 2020
The code is broad in scope and introduces essential standards for advertising content, across all media platforms, and dedicated measures for social media.
30 Mar 2020
In addition, the European Gaming & Betting Association issues guidelines for responsible advertising in regards to the unprecedented times with the coronavirus pandemic.