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Canadian Gaming Association

A nonprofit organization, the Canadian Gaming Association comprises gaming operators, manufacturers and suppliers. The CGA aims to develop a better understanding of the industry by serving as a central source of information to the public and an important voice representing the gaming industry in Canada.

131 Bloor Street West
Suite 503
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1P7

Main Phone:
(416) 304-7800
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Past Events
18-20 June 2019
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
18-20 June 2018
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
19-21 June 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
John Drake
Board Member
Robert Scarpelli
Board Member
David Flinn
Board Member
George Sweny
Board Member
Ilkim Hincer
Board Member
Shelley M. White
Board Member
Adriane McGrath
Board Member
Danielle Bush
Corporate Secretary
Rick Meitzler
Board Member
Carrie Kormos
Chair of the Board of Directors
Robert Parente
Board Member
Paul Burns
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ed Peters
Board Member
Amanda Brewer
Canadian Gaming Association News
Single-event sports betting is coming to Canada
22 Jun 2021
The Canadian Gaming Association today celebrates the arrival of single-event sports betting across Canada as the Senate successfully passed Bill C-218, without amendment. read more »

Single-event sports betting bill in Canada heads back to Senate
4 Jun 2021
After the final witnesses appeared, the Committee referred Bill C-218, the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, back to the Senate on Tuesday, 8 June. read more »

Fandom Sports joins Canadian Gaming Association
27 May 2021
Fandom Sports Media Corp. is pleased to announce that it has been approved to become a member of the Canadian Gaming Association. read more »

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