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Oregon Racing Commission (ORC)

The Mission of the Oregon Racing Commission is to regulate and to facilitate all aspects of the pari-mutuel industry in the State of Oregon for the benefit of the citizenry, the licensees, the participants, and the economy of the State of Oregon.

800 Northeast Oregon Street
Suite 310
Portland, Oregon 97232-2162
United States

Main Phone:
(971) 673-0207
Main Phone:
(971) 673-0209
(971) 673-0213


Diego Conde
Stacy Katler
Senior State Veterinarian
Steve O'Hagan
Vice Chair
Josh Dieringer
Supervisor of Pari-Mutuels
Jan Palmer
Dean Muchow
Chief Investigator
Charles R. Williamson
Katrina Robson
Chief Investigator
Jack McGrail
Executive Director
Janine Holland
Veterinary Assistant
Karen Parkman
Program and Administrative Coordinator
Michelle Shirey
Veterinary Assistant
Karen Pate
Administrative Assistant
Mike Twiggs
Presiding State Steward
Connie Winn
Supervisor of Account Wagering Hubs
Oregon Racing Commission (ORC) News
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