Massachusetts State Lottery Commission News

16 Nov 2020
The new deal is expanded to include consumer digital services that will engage players through exciting second chance game features and help the Lottery protect and grow revenues for the Commonwealth.
29 Jan 2014
Massachusetts lottery want lawmakers to change law to allow them to prepare for possibility of future online gambling.
17 Oct 2012
A ticket sold in Massachusetts was one of two tickets sold nationwide that matched all five numbers.
24 Sep 2012
Aaron Todd profiles some of the top blunders -- from tilting the odds in the players' favor, to putting out the wrong results -- made by gambling operators.
23 Dec 2011
Massachusetts State Lottery plan to allow customers to buy lottery tickets with their debit cards from January 2012.
3 Aug 2011
Seniors cracked secret code and lottery introduces new limits to protect integrity of game.
27 Feb 2008
News Brief: By overhauling the prize structure for its popular scratch ticket games, the Massachusetts Lottery has reversed its recent revenue declines and is on the road to its most profitable year ever.
12 Jul 2007
News Brief: Massachusetts Lottery sales have dropped by 1.5 percent, raising questions about how much longer the program can be expected to grow, and whether it has already reached its peak.
30 Apr 2007
News Brief: The Massachusetts Lottery Commission's new "Star Spangled Sweepstakes" game going on sale Tuesday is expected to sell out in 11 days, raising $80 million.
10 Apr 2007
GTECH Corporation has been chosen to provide the Massachusetts Lottery with up to 3,050 Instant Ticket Vending Machines over a three-year period.
11 Oct 2006
Verizon Business announced today it has begun work with the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission to upgrade its data communications network.
5 Jul 2006
Scientific Games has been awarded a one-year extension of its instant ticket contract with the Massachusetts Lottery.
12 Jun 2006
ews Brief: People are purchasing Massachusetts Lottery tickets in record numbers despite a stagnant economy and rising gas prices.
4 Apr 2005
Scientific Games Corporation was chosen as the vendor to provide a new monitor game to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.
29 Dec 2004
2004 may be drawing to a close, but Mega Millions excitement is just getting started.
26 Nov 2004
News Brief: Massachusetts lottery profits are on a record-setting pace this year, but officials are retooling the sagging Keno operation and launching new games to maintain the growth of state-sanctioned gambling revenues.