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Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

The purpose of the Department of Finance and Administration Office of the Arkansas Lottery is to oversee the operation of a lottery whose net proceeds will provide scholarships and grants to Arkansas citizens for in-state colleges and universities. Scholarships are to be available for nonprofit, public and private, two- and four-year colleges and universities. Arkansas Code Annotated ยง 23-115-102.

124 West Capitol Avenue
Suite 1400
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-3933
United States

Mailing Address
PO Box 3238
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-3238
United States

Main Phone:
(501) 683-2000
Toll Free Phone:
(800) 201-0108


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Bishop Woosley
Director (Lottery)
Jerry Fetzer
Chief Fiscal Officer (Lottery)
J. Michael Helms
Chief Legal Counsel
Donna Bragg
Advertising and Marketing Director (Lottery)
Timothy Parrish
Treasurer (Lottery)
Angela Springer
Director of Security and Compliance
Properties Regulated
Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort
Southland Park Gaming & Racing