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UK Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain in partnership with licensing authorities. On 1 October 2013 the Gambling Commission took over the responsibilities of the National Lottery Commission to regulate the National Lottery under the National Lottery etc Act 1993.

Victoria Square House
4th Floor
Birmingham, England B2 4BP
United Kingdom

Main Phone:
+44 121-2306666
+44 121-2306720


Social Media:

Marcus Boyle
Andrew Rhodes
Chief Executive Officer
Terry Babbs
Sarah Gardner
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
John Baillie
John Tanner
Executive Director
Stephen Cohen
Leanne Oxley
Director of Enforcement and Intelligence
Jo Hill
Lucy Denton
Director of Communications
Trevor Pearce
Helen Gibson
Finance Director
Catharine Seddon
Vic Beaumont
Chief People Officer
Properties Regulated
Admiral Casino - Barnsley Cashino Gaming Centre - Cradley Heath Grosvenor Casino Luton
Admiral Casino - Brighouse Cashino Gaming Centre - Crossgates Grosvenor Casino Maybury
Admiral Casino - Brighton Cashino Gaming Centre - Croydon Grosvenor Casino Merchant City
Admiral Casino - Brighton East Sussex Cashino Gaming Centre - Cwmbran Grosvenor Casino Newcastle
Admiral Casino - Byker Cashino Gaming Centre - Derby Grosvenor Casino Northampton
Admiral Casino - Croydon Cashino Gaming Centre - Devonshire Square Grosvenor Casino Nottingham
Admiral Casino - Dawlish Cashino Gaming Centre - Dundee Grosvenor Casino Osborne Road
Admiral Casino - Derby Road Cashino Gaming Centre - Dunstable Grosvenor Casino Piccadilly
Admiral Casino - Gravesend Cashino Gaming Centre - Ealing Grosvenor Casino Plymouth
Admiral Casino - Grimsby Cashino Gaming Centre - East Ham Grosvenor Casino Princes
Admiral Casino - Grimsby South Humberside Cashino Gaming Centre - East Kilbride Grosvenor Casino Reading Central
Admiral Casino - Hammersmith Cashino Gaming Centre - Eccles Market Grosvenor Casino Reading South
Admiral Casino - Harrow Cashino Gaming Centre - Edinburgh Grosvenor Casino Riverboat
Admiral Casino - Irvine Cashino Gaming Centre - Edmonton Green Grosvenor Casino Russell Square
Admiral Casino - Kilmarnock Cashino Gaming Centre - Endike Grosvenor Casino Salford
Admiral Casino - Northumberland Cashino Gaming Centre - Epsom Grosvenor Casino Scarborough
Admiral Casino - Redcar Cashino Gaming Centre - Exeter Grosvenor Casino Sheffield
Admiral Casino - Sheffield Cashino Gaming Centre - Farnworth Grosvenor Casino Soames
Admiral Casino - St. Helens Cashino Gaming Centre - Ferensway Grosvenor Casino Southampton
Admiral Casino - Stanhope Road Cashino Gaming Centre - Fulham Grosvenor Casino Southend
Admiral Casino - Sunderland Cashino Gaming Centre - Gainsborough Grosvenor Casino St. Giles
Admiral Casino - Wallasey Cashino Gaming Centre - Glasgow Grosvenor Casino Stockport
Admiral Gaming Lounge Bedminster Cashino Gaming Centre - Grantham Grosvenor Casino Stockton
Admiral Gaming Lounge Kingswood Cashino Gaming Centre - Great Barr Grosvenor Casino Stoke
Admiral Gaming Lounge Stroud Cashino Gaming Centre - Greenford Grosvenor Casino Sunderland
Alea - Glasgow Cashino Gaming Centre - Halifax Grosvenor Casino Swansea
Alea - Nottingham Cashino Gaming Centre - Hammersmith Grosvenor Casino Thanet
Apollo Bingo Barrow-in-Furness Cashino Gaming Centre - Harlow Grosvenor Casino The Victoria
Apollo Bingo Bishop Auckland Cashino Gaming Centre - Harrow Grosvenor Casino Walsall
Apollo Bingo Caernarfon Cashino Gaming Centre - Hemel Hempstead Grosvenor Casino Westgate
Apollo Bingo Camborne Cashino Gaming Centre - Hereford Grosvenor Casino Whitworth Street
Apollo Bingo Castleford Cashino Gaming Centre - Hertford Harker Leisure
Apollo Bingo Durham Cashino Gaming Centre - Hertford Street Hay Bingo Ashington
Apollo Bingo Mansfield Cashino Gaming Centre - Hessle Road Hednesford Bingo Club
Apollo Bingo Mexborough Cashino Gaming Centre - High Street Kings Bingo Hall
Apollo Bingo Nuneaton Cashino Gaming Centre - Hinckley Leo Leisure Eastbourne
Apollo Bingo Rhyl Cashino Gaming Centre - Holderness 1 Leo Leisure Eastleigh
Apollo Bingo Skegness Cashino Gaming Centre - Holderness 2 Leo Leisure Ryde
Apollo Bingo Tonypandy Cashino Gaming Centre - Holloway Les Ambassadeurs
Apollo Bingo Worcester Cashino Gaming Centre - Hounslow Les Croupiers
Aspers at The Gate Cashino Gaming Centre - Hucknall Luda Club - Leeds
Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City Cashino Gaming Centre - Huddersfield Luda Club - Somerset
Aspers Northampton Cashino Gaming Centre - Hunstanton Luda Club - Walsall
Beachcomber Amusement Centre Cashino Gaming Centre - Ilfracombe Manchester 235
Beacon Bingo - Ilkeston Cashino Gaming Centre - Ilkeston Maxim's Casino Club
Beacon Bingo - Lowestoft Cashino Gaming Centre - Ipswich Maxims Casino Southampton
Beacon Bingo - Margate Cashino Gaming Centre - Kentish Town Mecca Bingo - Aberdeen
Beacon Bingo - Northhampton Cashino Gaming Centre - Kettering Mecca Bingo - Acocks Green
Beacon Bingo - Redcar Cashino Gaming Centre - Kilburn Mecca Bingo - Andover
Beacon Bingo Club - Brighton Cashino Gaming Centre - King's Lynn Mecca Bingo - Ashford
Beacon Bingo Club - Cricklewood Cashino Gaming Centre - Kingsbury Mecca Bingo - Aylsham Road
Beacon Bingo Club - Loughborough Cashino Gaming Centre - Lancaster Mecca Bingo - Ayr
Beacon Bingo Club - Northampton Cashino Gaming Centre - Lewisham Mecca Bingo - Bedford
Beacon Bingo Club - Streatham Cashino Gaming Centre - Leytonstone Mecca Bingo - Beeston
BJ's Bingo - Kitts Green Cashino Gaming Centre - Lincoln Mecca Bingo - Bilston
BJ's Bingo - Leigh Cashino Gaming Centre - Liverpool Mecca Bingo - Birkenhead
BJ's Bingo - Reading Cashino Gaming Centre - Loughborough Mecca Bingo - Blackpool Talbot Road
Broadway Casino Cashino Gaming Centre - Lowestoft Mecca Bingo - Blyth
Buzz Bingo Aberdeen Cashino Gaming Centre - Luton Mecca Bingo - Bolton
Buzz Bingo Aldershot Cashino Gaming Centre - Maidstone Mecca Bingo - Bridgewater
Buzz Bingo Antelope Park Cashino Gaming Centre - Marfleet Mecca Bingo - Brierley Hill
Buzz Bingo Arbroath Cashino Gaming Centre - Mexborough Mecca Bingo - Burnt Oak
Buzz Bingo Ashmore Park Cashino Gaming Centre - Morden Mecca Bingo - Burton
Buzz Bingo Ashton Cashino Gaming Centre - Morley Mecca Bingo - Camden Town
Buzz Bingo Banbury Cashino Gaming Centre - Neasden Mecca Bingo - Catford
Buzz Bingo Barkingside Cashino Gaming Centre - New Malden Mecca Bingo - Chester
Buzz Bingo Barnsley Pontefract Road Cashino Gaming Centre - New York Street Mecca Bingo - Chesterfield
Buzz Bingo Basildon Cashino Gaming Centre - Newark-upon-Trent Mecca Bingo - Crewe
Buzz Bingo Basingstoke Cashino Gaming Centre - Newlands Mecca Bingo - Croydon
Buzz Bingo Belle Vue Cashino Gaming Centre - Nicholson Street Mecca Bingo - Cwmbran
Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Cashino Gaming Centre - Northampton Mecca Bingo - Dagenham
Buzz Bingo Birmingham Great Park Cashino Gaming Centre - Nottingham Mecca Bingo - Devonport
Buzz Bingo Blackburn Cashino Gaming Centre - Nuneaton Mecca Bingo - Dewsbury
Buzz Bingo Borehamwood Cashino Gaming Centre - Oakengates Mecca Bingo - Doncaster
Buzz Bingo Boston Cashino Gaming Centre - Oxford Mecca Bingo - Dundee Douglasfield
Buzz Bingo Bournemouth Cashino Gaming Centre - Paignton Mecca Bingo - Dundee Playhouse
Buzz Bingo Bradford Tong Street Cashino Gaming Centre - Paragon Mecca Bingo - Ellesmere Port
Buzz Bingo Bridlington Cashino Gaming Centre - Peckham Mecca Bingo - Eltham Hill
Buzz Bingo Brighton Cashino Gaming Centre - Perth Mecca Bingo - Exeter
Buzz Bingo Bristol Fishponds Cashino Gaming Centre - Plymouth Mecca Bingo - Gateshead
Buzz Bingo Bristol Hengrove Cashino Gaming Centre - Pontrefact Mecca Bingo - Glasgow Drumchapel
Buzz Bingo Bromborough Cashino Gaming Centre - Pontypool Mecca Bingo - Glasgow Forge
Buzz Bingo Burnley Cashino Gaming Centre - Poole Mecca Bingo - Glasgow Quay
Buzz Bingo Carlisle Cashino Gaming Centre - Putney Mecca Bingo - Glasgow Rutherglen
Buzz Bingo Castleford Cashino Gaming Centre - Retford Mecca Bingo - Gloucester
Buzz Bingo Chatham Cashino Gaming Centre - Rochdale Mecca Bingo - Halifax
Buzz Bingo Chorley Cashino Gaming Centre - Romford Mecca Bingo - Hamilton
Buzz Bingo Clacton on Sea Cashino Gaming Centre - Rugby Mecca Bingo - Harlow
Buzz Bingo Coatbridge Cashino Gaming Centre - Runcorn Mecca Bingo - Hartlepool
Buzz Bingo Colchester Cashino Gaming Centre - Shepherd's Bush Mecca Bingo - Hayes
Buzz Bingo Coventry Savoy Cashino Gaming Centre - South Street Mecca Bingo - Huddersfield
Buzz Bingo Coventry Walsgrave Cashino Gaming Centre - Southall Mecca Bingo - Hull Cecil
Buzz Bingo Cramlington Cashino Gaming Centre - Southampton Mecca Bingo - Hull Clough
Buzz Bingo Crawley Cashino Gaming Centre - Stardust Mecca Bingo - Ipswich
Buzz Bingo Cumbernauld Cashino Gaming Centre - Stockport Mecca Bingo - Kingstanding
Buzz Bingo Darlington Cashino Gaming Centre - Sutton Mecca Bingo - Knotty Ash
Buzz Bingo Derby City Cashino Gaming Centre - Sutton Coldfield Mecca Bingo - Leeds Cross Gates
Buzz Bingo Derby Foresters Cashino Gaming Centre - Swadlincote Mecca Bingo - Leeds Hunslet
Buzz Bingo Doncaster Cashino Gaming Centre - Terminuse Mecca Bingo - Leeds Mayfair
Buzz Bingo Dover Cashino Gaming Centre - Tonypandy Mecca Bingo - Leicester
Buzz Bingo Dumfries Cashino Gaming Centre - Tooting Mecca Bingo - Leith Capitol
Buzz Bingo Dundee Cashino Gaming Centre - Torquay Mecca Bingo - Luton Skimpot Road
Buzz Bingo Edinburgh Meadowbank Cashino Gaming Centre - Walworth Mecca Bingo - Oldbury
Buzz Bingo Edinburgh Westerhailes Cashino Gaming Centre - Watford Mecca Bingo - Oldham
Buzz Bingo Enfield Cashino Gaming Centre - Watford High Street Mecca Bingo - Paisley
Buzz Bingo Falkirk Cashino Gaming Centre - Wellington Mecca Bingo - Rochdale
Buzz Bingo Feltham Cashino Gaming Centre - Wembley Mecca Bingo - Romford
Buzz Bingo Fenton Cashino Gaming Centre - Weoley Castle Mecca Bingo - Rosehill
Buzz Bingo Glasgow Possil Park Cashino Gaming Centre - West Ealing Mecca Bingo - Rotherham
Buzz Bingo Glenrothes Queensway Cashino Gaming Centre - Wester Hailes Mecca Bingo - Saint Helens
Buzz Bingo Gloucester Cashino Gaming Centre - Westgate Mecca Bingo - Sale
Buzz Bingo Grantham Cashino Gaming Centre - Wood Green Mecca Bingo - Scarborough
Buzz Bingo Grimsby Casino 36 - Stockport Mecca Bingo - Sheffield Flat Street
Buzz Bingo Hanley Casino 36 - Wolverhampton Mecca Bingo - Sittingbourne
Buzz Bingo Harpurhey Casino at the Empire Mecca Bingo - Southend
Buzz Bingo Hereford Castle Bingo Barnes Hill Mecca Bingo - Southport
Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Castle Bingo Bootle Mecca Bingo - Stevenage
Buzz Bingo Ipswich Castle Bingo Bridgend Mecca Bingo - Stockton Chandlers Warf
Buzz Bingo Irvine Castle Bingo Corby Mecca Bingo - Stoke
Buzz Bingo Keighley Castle Bingo Merthyr Tydfil Mecca Bingo - Sunderland
Buzz Bingo Kilmarnock Castle Bingo Morriston Mecca Bingo - Swansea Carmarthen Rd
Buzz Bingo Kingsbury Road Castle Bingo Nantgarw Mecca Bingo - Taunton
Buzz Bingo Leeds Castle Bingo Neath Mecca Bingo - Telford
Buzz Bingo Leicester Castle Bingo New Canton Mecca Bingo - Thanet
Buzz Bingo Lincoln Castle Bingo Newport Mecca Bingo - Wakefield
Buzz Bingo Liverpool Castle Bingo Newport Road Mecca Bingo - Wednesbury
Buzz Bingo Maidstone Clifton Bingo Mecca Bingo - Wishaw
Buzz Bingo Medway Club 2000 - Bedford Mecca Bingo - Wood Green
Buzz Bingo Metro Centre Club 2000 - Runcorn Mecca Bingo - Wrexham
Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough Club 3000 Bingo - Bristol Mecca Bingo - York
Buzz Bingo Milton Keynes Club 3000 Bingo - Cardiff MegaBet - Allerdene
Buzz Bingo Morecambe Club 3000 Bingo - Coatbridge MegaBet - Banbury
Buzz Bingo Motherwell Club 3000 Bingo - Glasgow MegaBet - Belmont
Buzz Bingo Newcastle Club 3000 Bingo - Glenrothes MegaBet - Boroughbridge
Buzz Bingo Nottingham Top Valley Club 3000 Bingo - Huyton MegaBet - Brockmoor
Buzz Bingo Oxford Club 3000 Bingo - Kirkcaldy MegaBet - Bromyard
Buzz Bingo Peterborough Club 3000 Bingo - Middleton MegaBet - Castle
Buzz Bingo Plymouth Club 3000 Bingo - Old Trafford MegaBet - Christchurch
Buzz Bingo Poole Club 3000 Bingo - Peterlee MegaBet - Croydon
Buzz Bingo Rotherham Club 3000 Bingo - Preston City MegaBet - Delves
Buzz Bingo Salford Club 3000 Bingo - Preston NHL MegaBet - Devizes
Buzz Bingo Salisbury Club 3000 Bingo - Stanley Park MegaBet - Didcot Broadway
Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club 3000 Bingo - Walkden MegaBet - Didcot Wantage
Buzz Bingo Sheffield Parkway Coral Island Casino Blackpool MegaBet - Dodworth
Buzz Bingo Sheffield Wadsley Crockfords Club MegaBet - Doncaster
Buzz Bingo Shrewsbury Crown Aspinalls London MegaBet - Eastleigh
Buzz Bingo Slough Crown Bingo - Bognor Regis MegaBet - Goole
Buzz Bingo South Shields Crown Bingo - Cosham MegaBet - Headington
Buzz Bingo Southampton Lordshill Crown Bingo - Gosport MegaBet - Hereford
Buzz Bingo Stafford Crown Bingo - Leigh Park MegaBet - Hungerford
Buzz Bingo Stockland Green Crown Bingo - Portsmouth Napoleons Casino & Restaurant - Bradford
Buzz Bingo Stockport Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club Napoleons Casino & Restaurant - Hull
Buzz Bingo Sunderland Electric Circus Leicester Napoleons Casino & Restaurant - Leeds
Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays Felling Bingo Napoleons Casino & Restaurant - London
Buzz Bingo Swindon Flutters - Biggleswade Napoleons Casino & Restaurant - Sheffield
Buzz Bingo Tamworth Flutters - Coalville New Coronet Bingo Club
Buzz Bingo Tooting Flutters - Rushden Opera Bingo Carlisle
Buzz Bingo Torquay Gala Bingo Peterhead Opera Bingo St. Helens
Buzz Bingo Wakefield Gala Bingo Stratford Opera Bingo Whitehaven
Buzz Bingo Wallsend Games At The Vic Opera Bingo Workington
Buzz Bingo Walsall Genting Casino Bolton Opera House Casino
Buzz Bingo Warrington Genting Casino Bournemouth Palace Bingo - Felixstowe
Buzz Bingo Washington Genting Casino Brighton Palace Bingo Club - Great Yarmouth
Buzz Bingo Wavertree Genting Casino Bristol Park Lane Club London
Buzz Bingo Wednesbury Genting Casino Chinatown Pier Nine Brighton
Buzz Bingo Weston Super Mare Genting Casino Coventry Playboy Club London
Buzz Bingo Weymouth Genting Casino Cromwell Mint Playland Amusements
Buzz Bingo Widnes Genting Casino Edgbaston Birmingham Rainbow Casino - Aberdeen
Buzz Bingo Wigan Robin Park Genting Casino Friar Gate Rainbow Casino - Cardiff
Buzz Bingo Wigan Town Genting Casino Glasgow Rainbow Casino - Edgbaston
Buzz Bingo Woking Genting Casino Leicester Rainbow Casino - Harbourside
Buzz Bingo Wolverhampton Genting Casino Leith Rendezvous Brighton
Buzz Bingo Worcester Genting Casino Luton Rendezvous Casino
Buzz Bingo Worthing Genting Casino Margate Resorts World Birmingham
Buzz Bingo Wythenshawe Genting Casino Newcastle Rileys Sports Bar & Bingo Club Solihull
Carlton Bingo - Buckie Genting Casino Nottingham Rileys Sports Bar Chester
Carlton Bingo - Dalkeith Genting Casino Plymouth Rileys Sports Bar Hastings
Carlton Bingo - Dumbarton Genting Casino Portsmouth Rileys Sports Bar Hull Alfred Gelder St
Carlton Bingo - Dunfermline Genting Casino Renshaw Street Rileys Sports Bar Lincoln Silver Street
Carlton Bingo - East Kilbride Genting Casino Salford Rileys Sports Bar Maidstone
Carlton Bingo - Elgin Genting Casino Southport Rileys Sports Bar New Yorker Edinburgh
Carlton Bingo - Fraserburgh Genting Casino Torquay Rileys Sports Bar Oxford
Carlton Bingo - Hartlepool Genting Casino Wirral Rileys Sports Bar Q Club Peterborough
Carlton Bingo - Inverness Genting Casino York Place Rileys Sports Bar Stevenage
Carlton Bingo - Livingston Genting Club Blackpool Rileys Sports Bar Wigan
Carlton Bingo - Patrick Genting Club Fountainpark Ritz Bingo Club
Carlton Bingo - Stirling Genting Club Manchester Shipleys - Cannock
Carlton Bingo - Whitley Bay Genting Club Queen Square Shipleys - Corby
Cashino Gaming Centre - Acton Genting Club Reading Shipleys - Coventry
Cashino Gaming Centre - Airedale Shopping Centre Genting Club Riverlights Shipleys - Erdington
Cashino Gaming Centre - Albany Road Genting Club Sheffield Shipleys - Queen Square
Cashino Gaming Centre - Aldershot Genting Club Stoke Shipleys - Tamworth
Cashino Gaming Centre - Aldgate Genting Club Terminus Terrace Shipleys - Wolverhampton
Cashino Gaming Centre - Armley Genting Club Westcliff Shipleys Bingo - Kidderminster
Cashino Gaming Centre - Aylesbury Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen Shipleys Bingo - Redditch
Cashino Gaming Centre - Barking Grosvenor Casino Blackpool Showboat Family Entertainment Centre
Cashino Gaming Centre - Basildon Grosvenor Casino Bolton Soul Casino
Cashino Gaming Centre - Bedford Grosvenor Casino Bournemouth Sunspot Gaming Centre - Abbeygate
Cashino Gaming Centre - Bethnal Green Grosvenor Casino Bradford The Barracuda
Cashino Gaming Centre - Birkenhead Grosvenor Casino Bristol The Casino MK
Cashino Gaming Centre - Birmingham Bull Street Grosvenor Casino Broad Street The Castle Casino
Cashino Gaming Centre - Birmingham New Street Grosvenor Casino Bury New Road The Colony Club
Cashino Gaming Centre - Bletchley Grosvenor Casino Cardiff The Corinthian Club
Cashino Gaming Centre - Bridgwater Grosvenor Casino Coventry The Crystal Rooms
Cashino Gaming Centre - Brierley Hill Grosvenor Casino Didsbury The Deluxe
Cashino Gaming Centre - Bromley Grosvenor Casino Dundee The Hippodrome Casino London
Cashino Gaming Centre - Burges Grosvenor Casino Gloucester Road The Palm Beach
Cashino Gaming Centre - Burton-on-Trent Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe The Park Tower Casino
Cashino Gaming Centre - Camden Town Grosvenor Casino Great Yarmouth The Poker Room
Cashino Gaming Centre - Cardiff Grosvenor Casino Gunwharf Quays The Ritz Club
Cashino Gaming Centre - Chatham Grosvenor Casino Hill Street The Shaftesbury Casino
Cashino Gaming Centre - Cleethorpes Grosvenor Casino Hove The Sportsman Casino
Cashino Gaming Centre - Colchester Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield Thomas's No. 1 Bingo
Cashino Gaming Centre - Cotteridge Grosvenor Casino Hull Throckley Union Jack Club
Cashino Gaming Centre - Coventry Grosvenor Casino Leicester Winners Bingo - Thetford
Cashino Gaming Centre - Cowbridge Road Grosvenor Casino Leo Winners Bingo - Wisbech
UK Gambling Commission News
UKGC suspends LEBOM Limited
4 Nov 2022
The Gambling Commission handed down the discipline on the football predicting company for failure of integrating GAMSTOP. read more »

Ezugi expands its offering with Playbook Engineering
26 Oct 2022
The provider announced that it strengthened its partnership with Playbook Engineering by offering UKGC-certified games across eight different operator brands on the Playbook betting platform. read more »

GGPoker fined and warned by UKGC
12 Oct 2022
NSUS Limited, which trades as GGPoker and operates, will pay a £672,829 penalty for social responsibility and anti-money laundering failures. read more »