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Games of Chance Administration - Ministry of Finance

20 Kneza Milosa Street
11000 Belgrade, Beograd

Main Phone:
+381 11 364 2600


Dusan Vujovic
Vesna Hreljac Ivanovic
Assistant Minister of Customs
Milovan Filimonovic
State Secretary
Ljilja Jovanovic
Assistant Minister of Property Affairs
Nenad Mijailovic
State Secretary
Natasa Kovacevic
Assistant Minister of Fiscal Systems
Suzana Šulejic
Secretary of the Ministry of Finance
Zlatko Milikic
Assistant Minister of Finance
Dusan Brajkovic
Assistant Minister of National Funds
Jelena Rancic
Head of Division for Fiscal Projections and Coordination and Managaing EU own resources
Mirjana Cojbašic
Assistant Minister of Budget
Milica Jovanovic
Assistant Minister of the Department of Macroeconomic and Fiscal Analyses and Projections
Verica Ignjatovic
Assistant Minister of International Cooperation
Milena Kovacevic
Assistant Minister of Public Funds
Properties Regulated
Admiral Club - Brace Jerkovic Admiral Club - Surdulica Slot Club Aleksandar Drina
Admiral Club - Bujanovac Admiral Club - Svilajnac Slot Club Aleksandar Fontana
Admiral Club - Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra Admiral Club - Uskocka Slot Club Aleksandar International
Admiral Club - Deligradska Admiral Club - Ustanicka Slot Club Aleksandar Metropol
Admiral Club - Dzona Kenedija Admiral Club - Zeleznicka Slot Club Aleksandar Skadarlija
Admiral Club - Hotel Turist Admiral Club - Zlatibor Slot Club Aleksandar Slava
Admiral Club - Kragujevac Casino Lola Slot Club Aleksandar Slavija
Admiral Club - Kralja Petra Fair Play Casino - Hotel Kasina Slot Club Aleksandar Stanica
Admiral Club - Nis Grand Casino Beograd Slot Club Aleksandar Vuk
Admiral Club - Novi Sad Hotel Casino Tas Slot Club Aleksandar Zeleni Venac
Admiral Club - Pozarevac Slot Club Aleksandar Bulevar Vulkan King Alexander
Admiral Club - Savski Slot Club Aleksandar Cumic Vulkan Savsky
Admiral Club - Subotica Slot Club Aleksandar Dorcol