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Japan Racing Association

Roppongi Hills Gate Tower, 11-1
Roppongi 6-chome
Tokyo, Tôkyô 106-8401

Main Phone:
+81 357 857 373
+81 357 857 376


Masayuki Goto
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kunio Naito
Executive Director of Legal Affairs
Michio Ide
Executive Vice President
Yasuo Kidokoro
Director of International Affairs and Racing
Zenichiro Kobayashi
Executive Director
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Director of Customer Service and Public Relations
Makoto Inoue
Director of General Affairs and Equine Affairs
Shinya Fukui
Director of Finance and Facilities
Yoshihiro Mineshima
Director of Systems Management and Off-Course Planning and Development
Kiyohiro Yokoyama
Director of Corporate Planning and Human Resources
Kaoru Obata
Presidential Counselor for International Affairs
Properties Regulated
Chukyo Racecourse Kochi Racecourse Niigata Racecourse
Funabashi Racecourse Kokura Racecourse Obihiro Racecourse
Hakodate Racecourse Kyoto Racecourse Oi Racecourse
Hanshin Racecourse Mizusawa Racecourse Saga Racecourse
Himeji Racecourse Mombetsu Racecourse Sapporo Racecourse
Kanazawa Racecourse Morioka Racecourse Sonoda Racecourse
Kasamatsu Racecourse Nagoya Racecourse Tokyo Racecourse
Kawasaki Racecourse Nakayama Racecourse Urawa Racecourse