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Established in 1933 as the Lotteries Commission, Lotterywest is the official state lottery for Western Australia. Unlike any other Australian lottery, Lotterywest not only sells lottery games, but they also distribute the profits from their games directly to the Western Australian community. Through a statewide network of Lotterywest retailers they sell Lotto style games (Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto and Powerball), Scratch’n’Win instant lottery tickets, Soccer Pools and Cash 3. All the profits from Lotterywest's games go back to the Western Australian community. Under legislation, Western Australia’s public hospitals, sports groups and arts organisations receive a set percentage of Lotterywest's lottery sales each year. Lotterywest also makes hundreds of Lotterywest grants each year to community groups and local government authorities.

38 Station Street
Subiaco, Western Australia 6008

Mailing Address
PO Box 66
Subiaco, Western Australia 6904

Main Phone:
+61 8 9340 5200
+61 8 9242 5242


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John Atkins
Miriam Borthwick
Board Member
Susan Hunt
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Carre
Board Member
Maree Brown
General Manager of Business Operations
Lorna Pritchard
General Manager Grants and Community Development
Alec James
General Manager of Business Development
Lorraine Driscoll
General Manager of Strategic and Financial Management
Graham Lewis
General Manager of Corporate Services
Don Wharton
General Manager of Information Services
Pascoe Rechichi
General Manager of Corporate Services