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Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) was registered as a public company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act on December 17, 2001. RVL assumed the functions and responsibilities as the new Principal Club (now known as the Principal Racing Authority) on December 19, 2001, governing thoroughbred racing in Victoria. This coincided with the commencement of the Racing (Racing Victoria Ltd) Act 2001. Prior to RVL's establishment, the Victoria Racing Club had responsibility as the Principal Club in Victoria. RVL was established with the support of the racing clubs, racing industry bodies and the State Government to provide independent governance of thoroughbred racing in Victoria.

400 Epsom Road
Flemington, Victoria 3031

Main Phone:
+61 3 9258 4258
+61 3 9258 4326


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David Moodie
Greg Nichols
Board Member
Michael Caveny
Deputy Chairman
Barbara Saunders
Board Member
Bernard Saundry
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Twaits
Board Member
Bryan Gurry
Board Member
Dayle Brown
Executive General Manager of Integrity Services
Prue Hayes
Board Member
Simon Barrile
Executive General manager of Corporate Services
Mohan Jesudason
Board Member
Jamie McGuinness
Executive General Manager of Infrastructure and Club Support
Pearse Morgan
Board Member
Racing Victoria News
Victoria Racing Club experiences revival
19 Nov 2007
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